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by Juliana Xerez, Nov 12 2021

A fairy-tale wedding in Venice

Distillates of history, drops that adorn the body with their earthly shades: the Paradise Collection by Marco Bicego is a tribute to the Mother Earth and its treasures. Amethysts, quartzes, topazes, tourmalines are all names that evoke the poetry of Nature: the very delicate and refined métissage between 18-karat gold and gems takes place in the sign of an unprecedented chromatic and material research.


A common fascination between

fine jewelry and contemporary design that takes shape between elegant necklaces, bright earrings and delicate bracelets. By their nature they are all unique jewels, characterized by colored gemstones whose features, more or less intense, more or less large to create unprecedented dégradé turns, tell their own and precise story. Colored stones now more than ever come to embellish coffrets à bijoux with their variety of colors.

Marco Bicego compares its refined design with the colorful world of gemstones, restoring their intrinsic beauty to these materials: amethysts, quartz, topaz, tourmaline are combined with each other to create dazzling reflections of light. The charm of a natural color palette defines artistic miniatures ready to adorn the neck, earlobes and wrists with a cocktail of unpredictable polychromies.

Paradise jewels are an actual composition of gems that play with shades and transparencies, becoming an element of femininity that emphasizes the harmonious gestures of every woman.

Thus, in a historical period such as the one we are experiencing, the jewel goes beyond the image of a décor element but expresses a value, a thought: the treasures of the Earth become a firm bond with Nature itself, highlighted by the exquisite art of human ingenuity.